One of the first independent Motorspot tyre distributors in the UK

BMTR Motorsport tyres UK

One of the first independent tyre distributors in the UK, BMTR was formed in 1919 by Jack Smith to meet the growing demand for vehicle tyres. Based on Broad Street, Birmingham, the ‘Birmingham Motor Tyre Repository’ offered a vast range of tyres, tubes and wheels

BMTR’s involvement with Motorsport started in 1959 when our past chairman, Don Smith started racing Jaguars in UK National Racing. The BMTR Racing Jaguars became a familiar sight at circuits up and down the country in the early 1960’s.


Bridgestone Motorsport Race Tyres

Leaning on Bridgestone’s vast experience in high-performance tyres, the new Potenza Race completes Bridgestone’s ultra-high-performance tyre line-up, providing a track-focussed tyre ideal for driving enthusiasts.

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Continental Renner Race Tyres

We at BMTR are now very pleased to present this new tyre range. The tyre was developed to ensure safe, fair racing based on the strict specifications set down by the FIA. The tyre has been listed in Appendix K for 2023.

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Hoosier Motorsport Race Tyres

Hoosier Tire has been the winning point of contact on every active permanent circuit in the U.S. With the ongoing success, our legacy continues to expand, reaching more points in the global racing tire markets.

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Toyo Motorsport Race Tyres

BMTR have a strong relationship with Toyo, being  stockists of the Toyo range of Car, SUV and commercial tyres. We are now a Toyo Motorsport Dealer:  Faster cornering, longer lasting and more consistent, Proxes R888R translates power into lap times

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Avon Race Tyres

With over 35 years experience designing, developing and manufacturing championship winning racing tyres, you can trust Avon to deliver when it counts. Over the years, Avon has proven itself on the road and on race tracks around the world.

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Hill Climb Tyres

BMTR Motorsport have been supplying tyres into the very specialised Hillclimb Market for over 30 years. In that time we have built up a very loyal customer base who trust us to supply the best tyre for the job.

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Track Day Tyres

Track days are becoming increasingly popular and one of the most important things to get right if you are to get the most out of your day is to have the correct tyres.

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Racing Slick & Wet Tyres

The vast range extends from light weight motorcycle engine single seater tyres, through F3, F1 tyres in both radial and crossply constructions, and the cutting edge products produced for series like British GT.

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Historic Cross Ply Racing Tyres

BMTR are AVON Tyres Motorsport UK Sidecar racing specialist, with extensive knowledge of what are the best tyres for your outfit. we have Large stocks of F1 & F2 (&350!) slicks, wets and inters Helpful, knowledgeable staff

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What our customers say

Dont just take our word for it, here are some of what our customers have to say about us!

Thank you BMTR. Superb customer service, walked me through everything and I have full trust in their skill and workmanship. Professional company with great customer area and workshop. I Recommend to anyone looking for tyre related work !

Dipesh K

Have been using this place for a number of years. Staff always offer a polite, courteous and professional service. Have shopped around and find their tyres are at cheaper price than competitors. Good customer care.

Kulbir Banger

Used this place a few times now and it’s great because they are also wholesalers they generally have most tyres including branded stuff in stock rather than having to wait.


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